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How do you Take Good Drone Pictures?

If you're wanting drone photographs or filming around the Lake District, Cumbria and UK, for your event, business, or for other specific purposes, it is always better to hire a professional with the necessary experience. This is because you need a license, and you need to know the different positions, lighting and you must ensure you have the correct camera settings for that specific job. There are also many requirements you need to consider, so it is much better value for money to hire a professional drone photographer and videographer. 

Can you Fly your Drone in the Lake District?

You are able to fly a drone in the Lake District, but you must adhere to very specific guidelines. These include liaising with air traffic control, and also taking into account no fly zones and restricted fly zones. You must also know your class of air space and check NOTAMS and SkyWise.

Here are some other factors you need to consider:

  • Heights and distances for your drone

  • Getting permission from land-owners

  • Having the required license (PFCO CAA)

  • All professionals must be compliant with EU regulation (EC) No 785/2004

  • Local authorities and agencies (including police numbers, hospital numbers and mountain rescue numbers)

As well as all of this, you must make sure you fill out all of the required paper work and documentation. These include:

  • Pre-site and site surveys

  • Pre-site visitation

  • Surrounding area information

  • Flight Information Form

  • Flight Reference Cards and Checklists

  • On-site Setup Checklists

  • SUA Esembling Functional Checklist

  • Pre-flight Checklist

  • Landing Checklists

  • All Relevant Safety Equipment

  • Risk Assessments

  • Pilot and Aircraft Logbooks

  • Battery Logs

  • Incident Logs

  • Aircraft Maintenance Log

  • Air maps

  • Forecast Checks

The charge of the drone photography and videography service is broken down into different timely and costly factors. These include the drone usage itself, the pilot's time and skills and also the amount of paperwork and documentation, and how long it takes to fill it all out.

What Should I Charge for Drone Photography?
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